Sunday, May 30, 2010

Dyeing With Wax

Dying with Wax
Materials needed:
A. Box of Canning wax
B. 2”, 1” or smaller paint brushes, take a scissors and cut the bristles down to about 1” so they do not flex as much.
C. Something to continuously heat the wax to its melting point in at a controlled temperature. I used an old coffee pot with a knob that controls heat or an old griddle that has a knob on it too control heat. You might find something suitable at a rummage sale or a discount department store. The important point it has the ability to control the temperature so that it does not burn and yet stays melted. If it gets to hot it smokes too much and can burn.
D. A clean area in the basement wash basin
E. Some Vinegar
F. Some Salt
G. An area free from fire hazards
H. A 4’x2’ melamine board makes a good solid color cover for your work bench top and is good for working on things that require fine discernment.
I. Some cardboard to put in the inside of the materials so that your pattern in hot wax does not bleed through to the fabric on the other side of the garment.
J. An iron to remove wax at the end or later on. In effect you put a towel under the garment and heat the wax until it melts out of the garment and into the towel.
K. Some rubber gloves to keep from dyeing your hands

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