Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Jean Jacket

Jean Jacket
This is an alternative method with different and sometimes better results. It isn’t tie dye I think the proper term is boutique. After painting with wax use the proper solution of chlorine bleach mixed with water to turn the blue of your denim white, while the waxed part remains your base color or original fabric color. If you add too much bleach to the water the acid will eat a hole right through the cotton.

After bleaching you can leave it this way as the jacket is or dye it again a different color or add more wax to a pattern and dye again or a combination of the two. Where there is sufficient wax they dye will not penetrate as well.

And that is approximately how I made my jean jacket in circa 1987. I wore it all around campus and have not seen anything even close to it in 23 years. I would not tell anyone how I made it. Some people in bars wanted to fight me because I would not tell them, because I was Mr. Cool and didn’t want to share my secret.

I have added a link to a small store for products relavent to this project.

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