Tuesday, September 14, 2010

How to Dye Pants

How to Dye Pants
Buy the stone washed kind that are lighter in color because they dye better. For my pants I used two green liquid dyes of different colors mixed, and some straight color dyes. A word of caution, I tried to dye blue jeans with brown and either I did not use enough dye or something because they turned out purple. Wouldn’t have been bad if I was a girl. Lighter colors did not seem to work well either on dark colored blue jeans. The green worked very well on light colored blue jeans and so did the black.

I find Levis Jeans to be a more comfortable fit for me than any other, and I have always come back to prefer them. I like the relaxed fit type. In my size there are few color choices.
Again lighter color jeans with darker colored dyes work the best. Ritt does sell some products to remove the color or dye from a garment, but I have not tried them. Maybe I should have, so I have a pair of purple like jeans who cares. I live with my mistakes so as to be reminded of them and not make them again.

I have added a link to a small store where you will find products relavent to this article.

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